Hello world!

November 5, 2009

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Busy Wishing

November 4, 2009

I am wishing I was not so busy right about now. Things will slow down a bit when the play is performed on Saturday & I dont have to go to practices anymore. I miss eating with Paul & Rene & Joey & watching Glee & SYTYCD w/them and going to Joey’s soccer practices.

I wish I earned more $$ so I could help Laura out with paying for school so she doesnt have to find a job. I dont know how she is going to study & fit everything in if she does find a job. I wish I could help my parents out, its been over a year since my dad has worked and he is trying so hard to find a job. It sucks. Selfish of me to say this but I was hoping that they’d have a good Christmas this year. Last year though their ward really stepped in and gave them food & presents. It was awesome. But I dont know about this year. I just want things to be the way they were. My dad is volunteering a lot with the Red Cross but I wish it was a paying job!

If I wasnt so busy I’d:

– ride my bike
– try some new recipes
– clean my room and get it to STAY clean more often. I just have so much crap and I’m sick of it

Feeling stressed out that I dont have any potential roomies lined up. One girl that was interested ended up not working out. I posted on craigslist, emailed a bunch of girls I saw who had ads looking for rooms on craigslist, posted on ldslinkup & will post it at MCC institute this week. I hope hope hope & pray I find someone so I dont have to pay double rent. I hate the feeling of not knowing whats going to happen.

Should I move? Should I not move? I really dont want to move….hassle…newness…change. I like newness sometimes but agh. I dont know what to do. Guess Im just going to take it day by day til I figure it out.


November 3, 2009

So my friend Aimee in UT sent me a link to a website that wants you to blog every day in Nov. Woohoo. Lets see if I’ll find something to write about every day eh?

Today is going to be 95* or so. Not bad for a Nov 3rd in Arizona. I’m glad the warm weather is back. I didnt appreciate a certain roomie who put the heat on in our house at 90* though! ICK!

My friend Maile did come check out my place yesterday & said she’d get back to me in a day or two. I sent her the rental agreement. Fingers crossed she wants the room. Renee moves out by Saturday at the latest I believe.

Tonight Im going to the fair with my friend Chris. Eat more fair food. Use up my ride tickets. And see David Cook perform! Should be awesome. I just hope I dont get in trouble for not showing up for play practice. I texted & emailed Larry yesterday though and asked if it would be ok if I missed practice. Never heard back. Fingers crossed he doesnt hate me for not showing up. aiai….

No, The Other One!

November 2, 2009
So last Thursday Renee told me that she was moving out this week. Cons to this are that I have to find another roomie. I am sort of wishing the other roomie was moving out and not Renee. Dang it. Renee is fairly neat and clean and we dont butt heads too much. Sigh. But she got in another accident with her truck I guess & has to pay to get that fixed and she cant afford to keep paying rent & bills. Pros are that I can find a new person , maybe charge them a little more….hmm. Well my friend Maile might want to move in, hopefully she can come look at the place tonight, or this week because I need someone in ASAP!


October 30, 2009

I love the scrapblog site. Made some cool Halloween’ish type cards just for fun…I need to take a pic of me with a pumpkin!


October 29, 2009
Brrr its in the 60’s today and I am so cold! I am going to bring my space heater to work and a blanket. Lol. Not so good though because I need my space heater at home and I dont want to have to get two of them! It’ll be in the 80s again this weekend though. My boss did turn on the fireplace at work for a bit in the morning so that was super nice. But its expensive so we didnt run it long 😦

One of my favorite digital scrapbooking sites is Scrapblog. They have a new thing out today and it helps you make Christmas cards. You can still customize like crazy but here are a few I did:

Birds , Birds , Birds! Love it

I really like the snowman in this one

I added the Cmas tree in the background and kind of faded it out some , as well as added red tint to “Happy Holidays”

I’m excited to finish up my cards (this week hopefully) and maybe I’ll do some fall ones too….write my Christmas letter, or give everyone the link to my blog! Then print & mail/email them out. I cant believe there are less than 70 days til Christmas!

Its Wed-Nezz-Day

October 28, 2009

So its Wednesday. 1/2 way through this crazy busy week. 30 min til I get off work. Been making some Christmas cards on scrapblog. So fun so fun & I get to be creative! Here are a couple ones I’ve made so far…

Not sure what to think about beach pix on a Christmas card but I figure its okay. What do you think?

Last night’s play practice for “They Wait” was real good. I got to get some makeup on my arm for my “zombie bite” and we ran through the whole entire play. The first practice I went to, they were doing bits & pieces so this time it was good to see how it all fits together. I really love meeting with these people every week. I feel totally comfortable and in my element. I dont think about what other people think of me when we are doing silly exercises or what they think of me. Its really cool.

Tonight Im going to a networking class. People say I’m the networking “queen” but idk about that. I figure & hope that what I learn tonight (note-taking!) will help my dad and my sister find jobs in Idaho. It’s been over a year since my dad worked a regular job (he volunteers a lot at the Red Cross right now) and my sister is going to school & really needs to find a job. Hopefully I’ll learn something tonight that will help them. I have to wear a skirt. And its cold outside! I hope they appreciate the sacrifice I am making for them to go, missing Glee, SYTYCD and eating with Paul and Rene. Sheesh! Haha.

2 of my roomies are sick. Its gross. I heard them cough in the night and this morning I woke up and sprayed Lysol all over my couches, tv, table, the light switches, door knobs, hallway , kitchen, etc. I had better not get sick. I dont have time for that nor can I afford it. I’m a working chick!

Still having problems with the roomies not keeping things clean & picked up. One of them has her truck in the shop and the other roomie is parking her car in the driveway. Well, her car leaks. And the landlord doesnt want leaky cars in the driveway unless we are parking over something. So I emailed that to this particular roomie and havent heard back. I also asked her to put a blanket down on the couch before she sleeps on it (rare occasion) and not to let her daughter play naked on my beanbags. DISGUSTING!!! I cant believe I saw that happen. UGH She still owes me $$ for internet and I am going to cut her off from it unless I get paid. I guess I can wait a few more days, she can pay it with rent at the end of the month. If not, I’m blocking her til she pays up! Idk how people can be so disrespectful to their “landlord” (me in this case) I dont feel like I’m asking much. But apparently , I am…

Life is Crazy

October 26, 2009

So I’m going to blog about my weekend on Stacie’s Place but yeah this weekend was pretty freekin awesome, Im not gonna lie.

This week proves to be crazy busy though. Here’s my schedule:

Monday – right after work go to get my hair cut & colored at Tricia’s
scrapbooking with my group after that until 9 or so
need to go to a store to get some things for Brennen. His bday is Tues & I’m
making him a gift basket of reminders of all the cool things we have done together!
I cant wait to put it together

Tuesday – right after work head to ASU campus for Zombie play practice from 6-10pm
meet up with Brennen and give him his present. Maybe go to Ocean Blue

Wednesday – either eat @ Paul & Rene’s or go to a really good seminar about networking
in Mesa. Plus Glee is on tonight. AND SYTYCD

Thursday – eat @ Paul & Rene’s if I dont go on Wed. If not, go to institute then to Brad’s
to watch a new episode of The Office

Friday – right after work going to the state fair in Phoenix with friends

Saturday – Halloween! Busy day! Better make a costume? But so far I have avoided any
costume YSA parties happening. I am going to be a panda I think ! Great idea huh!?
ROFL I thought so…we’ll see if I get to make it happen or not.

Time for a vent about the roomies: well 1 roomie is without a vehicle this weekend bc her truck is in the shop so she was bumming rides off people. Luckily she didnt ask me. I had a crazy go go go day. The other roomie posted on FB status that she needed to borrow a vaccum. She may not use mine. The end of the cord is frayed and needs to be fixed ( I still use it though ) and the vaccum bags..I only have 1 left and you have to buy them online. Like 5 for $15. Expensive to me. So I hope Im not committing a crime for not offering to share with her.

Someone took down my “keep the kitchen sink clean” sign.

I took the trash out in the kitchen and put a new bag in. That night it was completely full. Not it!!

I vaccumed the living room and was disgusted to find food crumbs on my rug and couch. I want to make a rule no food in the living room but then I have to follow it too and sometimes I eat in the living room. Sigh. UGH I am so sick of roomies!

Someone parked their bike inside by the kitchen table. Why not keep it outside by the side gate? I hope the bike is Renee’s and that its only temporary while she is waiting for her truck to be fixed.

I took pix of messes again. Ridiculous. 7 drink cups for 2 people. I want to throw out the huge gigantic Sonic cup on my shelf in the fridge.

I heart Owl City. They are playing now and I fell asleep listening to their cd last night. Woot.

Lucky Chick

October 23, 2009

Things that make me feel lucky to live the life I live this week..

Get to see Backstreet Boys & Kristi Yamaguchi in concert TONIGHT at the US Airways Center in Phoenix. Ahh I am so excited! Wish this afternoon wasnt dragging by so freekin slow though

My friend Kyle said he could most likely get me into the sold-out OWL CITY concert on Saturday night @ Martini Ranch in Scottsdale. WOOT! Tix were like $12 and they sold out super super quick and a couple people were selling theirs on craigslist for over $100. Ridiculous ! If I can get in …and for free?! How lucky is that! I have been seeing reviews online of their concert & how awesome it is. Fingers crossed it works out to go…if not, they dont come back here for a long long time!

REI Members Only sale tomorrow morning, both locations! Tempe & Phoenix. So I am going to show up between 6 and 7 (even though some people camp overnight!) but apparently they let everyone in at once, like a mad rush. Aiai. I like the Vegas way better where you get #’s depending on to where you are sitting in line. So I’ll be armed with my laptop, music and cell phone and maybe a game so I dont get bored.

Fun weekend! What are your plans?

Whatta Do Whatta Do

October 21, 2009
So I went to the first play practice last night at the ASU campus for this play about Zombies , called “They Wait” , info here . So at first I was super excited to do this because it was something different, I’d get to wear a cool zombie costume and meet new people. So I finally get to the ASU campus, dont know where to go, hang out for about 30 min til my friend finally calls me and they come out and help me know where to go. At this point it was 7:30 probably and the practice had started at 6. No worries, we practiced until almost TEN PM! Some of it was exercises, we had to pretend to be animals, we had to write down some things about our character (I play the mom – Andrea Shelton) and another game where we had to pretend to throw an object to each other and do something with it. Not sure quite the point or how it related much to the play, but I guess it does.

SO my problem with this place is that there seems to be quite a bit of bad language in it. Im so sad about that because if I stay in the play, is it compromising my standards to be in a production with so much vulgarity? Or should I just stick it out, there are only a couple practices left and we perform it Nov 7th at 6pm and 8pm and the show is about an hour and 10 min long. The scenes they went over last night had a bunch of curse words in it but I’m not sure about the play as a whole. I do know that I def. would not feel comfortable inviting family or friends to see this play and that makes me sad because it would be cool for people to come!

So I dont know what to do. Any opinions would be nice. I was afraid/hesitant/nervous to speak up about this last night because they were all seeming to love me and I know the main 5 characters have been practicing their lines forever and its not fair to change it in on them just because I feel uncomfortable with the language. Sigh.

A bit about the other cast members, there are 5 main ones, trapped in the warehouse. There are 2 stunt guys (by profession) one was almost in Pirates of the Caribbean! and the other one – Brian Bennett III – has been in a bunch of movies doing stunts, including the first Fast & the Furious & an Angelina Jolie movie. AND he lives in Mesa! Idk what in the world he does in Mesa but yeah, everyone seems way cool to work with. The stunt guys are a bit older, late 30’s maybe? but the rest of us (there are about 10 altogether) are around the same age, 20’s I guess.

Most likely I’ll just stick it out but I dont feel very good about it so much …